I was raised a Roman Catholic and even though I was always too rebellious and hated authority far too much to become an altar boy, religion played a big part in shaping my personality and imagination.

When you think about it, the supernatural aspect of it all, the demons, the hauntings, and the eternal battle of good vs evil is quite similar to the stuff that horror books are made of!

At some point, I even wanted to be a priest, but definitively my faith wasn’t strong enough…

On the other hand, I loved reading about demons from the Polish folklore. The Slavic demonology is a huge and fascinating field of study; its world is filled with supernatural danger and wonder. The ancient Slavs seemed to come into contact with monsters, spirits and devils on a daily basis!

Later still, I discovered the amazing world of Christian heresy with numerous colorful characters propagating their revolutionary ideas about God and the sense of it all, like Gnostics.

(YIKES! The hell’s going on there?)

It all came together years later in the idea of two priests traveling the world and fighting demons. My own internal struggles and conflicts created two very distinct priests: conservative Conrad and progressive Paul, and their ideological battle is the subject of the books as much as the real demons they are fighting!

So far, I have written three books, with ideas for many more!