Big city. Dark magic.

A place where two worlds collide, that of a modern big city of Los Maines, and a hidden world of demons that live beneath the surface of all things. 

Join those who are sentenced to live and fight for their lives on the verge of those two worlds.

Gabriel West was thrown into that place. Senior Agent Andrew Delancey, too. 

And they are soon to be joined by a teenage girl named Andrea … who is about to discover a whole new Hidden Empire.


Book 1: The Boy Who Knew Demons

There are dark, mysterious worlds beneath the surface of everything you see.

Those who know them call them the Hidden Empires.

In the big city of Los Maines, a lonely teenager named Gabriel West starts seeing demons that live in every single thing that surrounds us. When he discovers they are listening to him, he gains control over everything from traffic lights to ATMs. The possibilities seem endless. It isn’t until his fate intertwines with a world-weary federal agent on the hunt for a sadistic and elusive killer that Gabriel realizes he’s not the only one with the gift … and that humans with powers can be worse than demons.

Book 2: The Girl Who Brought Darkness

The story of Gabriel West and Agent Delancey continues as they fight for their lives when terrifying strangers come to their city on an unstoppable killing spree, and the victims all seem connected to the case of the Stellen Street Kidnapper.

Meanwhile, Gabriel’s schoolmate Andrea discovers a whole new hidden empire, which will shake the balance of power between the worlds of humans and demons.