I’m a storyteller.

I’ve written films, books and videogames.

However pretentious that might sound, I wouldn’t be able to do that if I wasn’t also a seer of sorts. Everyone who works with imagination is a seer.

So, I’m a seer, as well.

In my mind there’s this dark, beautiful place like a black river running endlessly through a garden at night. And there’s a voice calling me down there.

There are times when I follow that voice and there are times when I don’t. I was following it when I wrote my first stories, I wasn’t following it when I tried to sound more clever, more commercial or more high-brow than I really was. I have been punished for not following the voice: my words sounded dry and nobody really liked them.

I was surely following that voice when I made my computer game, Donna: Avenger of Blood. I set out only to amaze myself! It is a bit clunky, but I love it to bits, and there were quite a few people who liked it, too!

After finishing Donna I’ve started working in the film industry as a screenwriter. I love that job to this day, and I won some awards and success, but there’s something you can never have when you’re making movies in the professional industry, and that thing is an absolute artistic freedom. And when you have a dark river in your head, you sure miss that freedom sometimes! 

Ten years have passed and I’ve realized Donna was the last time when I made something exactly like I wanted, without listening to anyone else. No directors, no producers telling me what to do. I discovered I was really longing for this feeling. 

So when an idea for a story like no other in a new, exciting world appeared in my head during a bout of two-week-long cluster headache in the beginning of 2019 I knew I had something good — something I knew I had to do on my own, without caring for budgets, producers or directors.

It is dark thriller, it is horror, it is supernatural suspense… it is everything that made people and myself enjoy my first short stories or Donna: Avenger of Blood.


The name of the series is Books of Darkness.


The first book is entitled The Boy Who Knew Demons.

And the only thing I’m interested in when writing it is following the voice coming from the dark river, whispering among the shrubbery along with the night wind. I have decided to return to the dark garden and remain faithful. My aim is to live by exploring that place and to make it my mission in life … which, I believe, fulfills all the markings of an obsession. But, well. What can you do? That’s what I have.

You can see what films I’ve written here:  


 And this is the computer game I’ve made:  



And that’s it for now! See you around. Somewhere by a black river, in a garden, late at night …